Watch: Park Shin Hye And Lee Sung Kyung Tag Team Tease Yoon Kyun Sang

Following the news of actor Yoon Kyun Sang joining the next edition of tvN’s “Three Meals a Day,” Lee Sung Kyung shows some cute support for her former co-star.

On September 17, Lee Sung Kyung uploaded a video of her and Park Shin Hye waking up Yoon Kyun Sang on the set of “Doctors.” The actresses poke him in the cheeks and startle him. Then they tease him and mention that the bed is too short for him and Park Shin Hye pokes him in the nostril resulting in a glare from Yoon Kyun Sang.

Lee Sung Kyung then informs him that Seo Woo (her character) finished her last filming and says he didn’t clap for her. Yoon Kyun Sang then claps which prompts Lee Sung Kyung to joke that she doesn’t need his soulless reponse. She says farewell to his character Jeong Yoon Do and says, ‘I loved you.” Yoon Kyun Sang responds with the same words and says that he’ll see her at the restaurant. Lee Sung Kyung then tells him to sleep more.

Watch the cute video below!

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Along with the video, she posted, “Live well at the fishing village and come back… Supporting fishing village fairy Yoong Kyoong Sang! While remembering your soulless last greeting….#KyoongSangieGram.”

Yoon Kyun Sang can be seen in the next edition of “Three Meals a Day” when it airs on October 14.

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