EXO’s Lay Makes Tak Jae Hoon Blush With His Strange Habit

EXO’s Lay makes MC Tak Jae Hoon blush with his peculiar display of affection!

On the upcoming premiere of “Star Show 360,” Tak Jae Hoon’s behind gets touched by Lay.

During the episode, EXO leader Suho shares Lay’s strange habit and says, “I don’t know why Lay always touches our butts.”

Lay innocently explains, “I do it to tease the people I like.”

tak jae hoon suho lay

He then asks Tak Jae Hoon to come over, and proceeds to touch his butt. Flustered, the MC’s face flushes, and the studio fills with laughter when he exclaims, “I feel shy and embarrassed.”

The first episode of MBC’s “Star Show 360” finally airs on September 19 at 11:10 p.m. KST.

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