19 Reasons We Can’t Get Enough Of Ji Soo

Ji Soo is everywhere these days. And we’re really, really, really not complaining. He’s just so irresistible. Here are 19 reasons why we can’t get enough of him. (Obviously there are more reasons, but I had to contain myself).

1. He’s a mama’s boy.

2. His adorable bromance with Nam Joo Hyuk.

3. The angst and emotion that he acts with.

4. This smile:

… and this smile, for that matter.

Catch Ji Soo in “Fantastic” below!

5. He’s a real big softie – even Suho can attest!

6. He can run his fingers through his hair like no other.

7. This scene. And the many other scenes where he takes our breath away.

Catch Ji Soo in “Sassy Go Go” below.

8. All of his Chris Christy ads.

9. He shows us that it’s okay to cry sometimes.

Catch Ji Soo in “Angry Mom” below.

10. The madness of how good he looks in a leather jacket.

11. His willingness to give all the money he’s got to help a lady out.

12. How he sacrifices his umbrella for the girl he likes on a rainy day.

… which leads to my next reason.

13. How amazing he looks in the rain.

14. He’s awesome and charming. Even he says so himself.

15. His wink makes you weak in the knees.

16. He can actually pull off cute puppy sweaters.

17. He can serenade us on the guitar.

18. He has an ability to be both brooding…

and cute.

19. And in case these reasons aren’t enough, I’ll let these photos speak for themselves.

… last one.

… okay, one more!

You’re welcome.

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