Watch: “Infinite Challenge” Members Teach EXO How To Dance

On the latest episode of “Infinite Challenge,” which featured EXO, the “Infinite Challenge” members taught the EXO members how to dance variety show style.

First up on the dance floor was Lay, who was too chill for the “Infinite Challenge” cast, so Jung Joon Ha stepped up to teach Lay how to properly dance for comedic effect. Lay quickly picked up Jung Joon Ha’s moves and completely let loose, satisfying his teachers.

Next up was Baekhyun, taught by Kwanghee, D.O., who didn’t need a teacher, Suho, who was ever the “dancing machine,” and finally Chanyeol, who made the entire studio collapse with laughter with his krump dance of epic proportions.

Watch the episode with EXO here (episode starts at dance clip):