Wooyoung Reveals How 2PM Feels About All The New Idols And Competition

On the September 18 episode of “How to Live and Eat Well,” 2PM’s Nichkhun and Wooyoung went to Abu Dhabi for vacation.

Toward the end of the broadcast, Kim Soo Ro asked the two how they felt being almost 10 years into their careers. Wooyoung said, “As time goes by, there are more and more young stars that are debuting. Before, we used to say, ‘We need to be better,’ but that sense of competition is futile. Now, we are just focused on not losing the motivation we had when we were rookies. Now we just want to do what we do proudly, regardless of rankings.”

Nichkhun said he’s most thankful to his family and fellow 2PM members. Talking about how he feels promoting in Korea as someone from Thailand, he said, “Because I’m from Thailand, I feel pressure not to let people in Thailand down. I feel a sense of duty. If I work just a little harder, I feel I can make Thailand more known to the world.”

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