“Running Man” Cast Teases Kim Jong Kook When Han Hye Jin Asks About Marriage

On the September 18 episode of “Running Man,” Han Hye Jin asked Kim Jong Kook about marriage, and attempted to recruit him to the show “My Ugly Duckling,” a show which features moms with their sons.

While moving locations, Han Hye Jin asked Kim Jong Kook, “Why aren’t you getting married?” Kim Jong Kook said, “Because my older guy friends all tell me to get married as late as possible.” Yoo Jae Suk chimes in and says, “We never told you to get married this late.”

Han Hye Jin then told Kim Jong Kook to come on the show “My Ugly Duckling,” but Kim Jong Kook declined, saying that he is on good terms with his mother.

Haha, who was watching the two talk, said, “Even entertainment media have given up on him. They say he’s no fun.” Ji Suk Jin added, “Whenever I call him, he’s either on the way to work out, working out, or on the way home from working out. It’s always one of those three.”

running man kim jong kook

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