Who Does Seol Ah Want To Marry When She Grows Up?

It looks like Lee Dong Gook might have some competition for his two adorable twin daughters!

On the September 18 episode of the KBS2TV variety show “The Return of Superman,” Lee Dong Gook and his family is visiting his parents’ home in Pohang. To celebrate the Chuseok holiday, they decide to make rice cakes.

As they are making the rice cakes, Lee Dong Gook’s father asks Seol Ah, “Seol Ah, when you get older, who do you want to marry?” and Seol Ah immediately answers, “With Grandfather.” He looks thrilled, with his expression looking like he has gained the entire world.

Lee Dong Gook then looks to Soo Ah, who answers, “I’m going to marry with Dad!”

Check out the cute scene on Viki below!

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