Which Variety Show Did Hyeri Stop Her Hospital Treatment To Watch?

If that’s not the sign of a hardcore fan, I don’t know what is!

On the September 18 episode of the tvN variety show “Problematic Men,” Jun Hyun Moo shares about meeting Girls’ Day member Hyeri on a separate show. He says, “I met Hyeri on the set of another show, and she said she always watches ‘Problematic Men.'”

He continues, “It was even to the point where she was at the hospital and she asked to stop her treatment so she could watch it.”

As the studio laughs, Jun Hyun Moo continues his story, saying, “She was laying down on the chair at the dentist about to start her treatment when ‘Problematic Men’ came on the television. It was when we were about to reveal the answers and her face was about to be covered up so she couldn’t see the screen. So then, she asked, ‘Wait, I want to just watch the answers and then I’ll start the treatment.'”

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