Watch: GOT7 Reveals Dramatic/Tragic/Confusing Trailer For “Flight Log: Turbulence”

Whatever is happening in GOT7’s new comeback, it’s definitely exciting!

On September 19 (midnight KST), the group released a trailer for their upcoming album “Flight Log: Turbulence” through their Naver V Live channel. The album appears to be connected to their previous comeback, “Flight Log: Departure.”

The trailer opens with GOT7 being their usual chaotic selves on an airplane. But when the seatbelt warning flashes, only Jinyoung is asked to sit down and the others don’t seem to notice what’s going on, even when the plane starts to crash and the screen flashes red and black.

The trailer then cuts to shots of the boys flying around, similar to their previous music video, before Jinyoung wakes up at the site of what appears to be a terrible accident.

(There’s also a bird and an underwater box. Thoughts?)

Watch the trailer here.