Watch: EXO’s Chen And Xiumin Delight Da Eul And So Eul During Play Date On “The Return Of Superman”

On September 18’s episode of “The Return of Superman,” EXO member Chen finally gets to meet his “doppelganger,” Lee Beom Soo’s son Da Eul!

To surprise Da Eul and his sister So Eul, Chen and Xiumin hide in a room decorated for a party in the KBS building. Chen wears a mask with a picture of Da Eul grinning on it, and Xiumin wears a mask with the face of Da Eul’s best friend, his stuffed toy Epe.

chen xiumin 1

Da Eul, So Eul, and their dad soon enter the room, and Da Eul looks unsure about how to react to the guys. Chen extends a hand out to Da Eul and introduces himself as “big Da Eul,” but Da Eul starts to whine and tries to hide behind his sister. Xiumin tries to say hello to So Eul, but she’s a bit scared of the masks too!

chen xiumin 2

The pair take the hint and take off their masks with big smiles for the kids. The show then shares a video message that Chen sent to Da Eul previously when EXO was talking about how everyone thinks they look similar, and then we get to see adorable clips of Da Eul and So Eul dancing to EXO’s “Growl.”

so eul da eul

Chen and Xiumin then put their all into playing with the kids, completely delighting them. They play together in a box full of balloons, and even suck on the helium in the balloons to try to make the kids laugh with their high voices. Xiumin also pretends to be a monster trying to catch Da Eul and So Eul, and Chen steps in to protect So Eul from him. Overall, everyone seems to have a great time on their play date.

the return of superman 3

Watch Chen and Xiumin meet Da Eul and So Eul in the episode below!

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