Seo In Guk Raises Anticipation For Upcoming Drama “Shopping King Louie”

Seo In Guk is making a quick drama comeback!

On September 19, the actor participated in the press conference for his upcoming drama “Shopping King Louie.”

The actor answered questions about the drama and said, “It’s definitely possible that you have seen a similar set-up or story [in another drama]. However, within the set-up there are really unique situations that you can’t imagine. It’s really exciting.”

He also addressed the burden of ratings and commented, “There will definitely be an influence from ratings. I’m happy when ratings turn out well and when it doesn’t I talk with the staff on working harder and we rely on each other. Rather than worrying too much about ratings, I think about being satisfied with my acting. I think showing my character’s color and the genre of the drama to viewers is more important. I will work hard to express this well.”

“Shopping King Louie” is a romantic comedy drama about a shopping king named Louie (Seo In Guk) who experiences amnesia and meets country bumpkin Go Bok Shil (Nam Ji Hyun). The first episode airs on September 21. Check out the trailer below!

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