Baekhyun Explains Why He Hangs Around The EXO Dorm Nude

On the premiere episode of brand new MBC every1 and MBC Music joint show “Star Show 360,” the members of EXO appear as guests.

During a corner where each EXO member is described by hashtags created based on interviews with the other members, Baekhyun gets the hashtags “#GeniusBaekhyun,” “#PleaseControl_____,” and “#FunnyHyung.”

When the MCs wonder what goes in the blank after “PleaseControl” for the second hashtag, Suho and Kai immediately guess correctly that what the members want Baekhyun to control is his bodily functions (like farting, burping).

When the MCs ask how they guessed it so quickly, Kai comments, laughing, “It’s really severe.”

Suho adds, “[Baekhyun] can definitely control it, but he chooses not to.”

Baekhyun attempts to explain, “The reason I do it is to get rid of any barriers between me and the members.”

MC Leeteuk asks, “So to get closer to them?”

“Yeah, and I purposefully hang out in the dorm nude too, in order to get rid of the barriers,” Baekhyun insists.

Meanwhile, this episode featuring EXO aired on September 19.