Jung Hyung Don’s First Guests For His Return On “Weekly Idol” To Be Apink

As Jung Hyung Don makes his return on “Weekly Idol,” his first guests will be none other than girl group Apink!

According to a broadcast source, it has been a year since Jung Hyung Don left “Weekly Idol” due to health reasons. Coincidentally, Apink’s last comeback was also a year and two months ago. Many viewers are excited to see their interactions on the upcoming episode since Jung Hyung Don is known to be pretty close with the girl group.

Along with his return to “Weekly Idol,” Jung Hyung Don will be releasing a new track with Defconn titled “Decision” on September 22, which features IU. He will also be making his debut as a screenwriter with Shin Hyun Joon for a new Korean-Chinese web film.

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