Watch: BTS’s Rap Monster And “New Boy” Cast Are Adorable And Hilarious In Behind-The-Scenes Clip

KBS has revealed a behind-the-scenes clip from their Chuseok special “Gurachacha Time Slip – New Boy” (hereafter called “New Boy”) which previously aired on September 15.

The funny clip was not included in the broadcast due to time constraints but it proves to be a gem as it is quite amusing for fans and viewers. The cast members are introduced to a “pipe basketball” game which is a toy from the 1980s that involves blowing air into the plastic pipe and keeping the ball floating above the basket.

As the youngest cast member, BTS’s Rap Monster is especially intrigued by the toy having seen it for the first time. They start competing to see who can keep their ball afloat the longest and Rap Monster is unable to keep it up for long during his first try. Eun Ji Won wins having kept his ball up for 18 seconds.

Later, they compete against each other at the same time resulting in improved performances as they get competitive. In the end, Cha Tae Hyun and Eun Ji Won win and get to eat ice cream.

Watch the “New Boy” clip below!

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