Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Shares How She’s Dealt With Idol-Actress Prejudice

On September 20, upcoming tvN drama “THE K2” held a press conference at the Imperial Palace in Gangnam.

During the press conference, Girls’ Generation’s YoonA shared openly about how she’s dealt with prejudice against her as an idol-actress.

“I don’t particularly stress over those prejudices,” YoonA reveals. “There was a period long ago when I felt burdened by [the prejudice] and struggled because of it, but I think I’ve become liberated from that to a certain extent.”

YoonA also talks about her long hiatus from the domestic small screen, saying, “I had a lot of worries from as early as the preparation stage for the drama, since it had been so long since I did a domestic drama.”

“Because of my confidence in Song Yoon Ah and Ji Chang Wook sunbaes and my trust in our director, I was able to muster up the courage.” YoonA says.

“The K2” will air its first episode on September 23 at 8 p.m. KST.

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