“W” Writer Opens Up About Why She Revealed Scripts For The Drama

On September 20, during the press conference for the final episode of the drama, “W” writer Song Jae Jung opened up about her decision to release the scripts before the airing of the finale.

She shared, “When the drama starts, you think that its up to you but after it airs, I realized that it had already left my hands. It’s up to the viewers how they choose to interpret the end. And so in that thought, I released the script.”

She continued, “My meaning behind releasing the script was to say, ‘I wrote it like this. How do you want to interpret it?’ I write the script. But the product is not mine. Anyone can read novels but there is a limit to the people who are able to read scripts. I think we should release scripts from now on.”

“W” ended its run on September 14 after a successful run on MBC.

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