Jung Hyung Don Talks About Comeback And Apologizes For Leaving “Infinite Challenge”

On September 21, Jung Hyung Don arrived at a studio to film for MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol.”

Although his return to the show was planned to be private due to health concerns, reporters flocked to the studio and requested an opportunity to ask him questions.

Upon being asked about his feelings regarding his return, Jung Hyung Don answered, “I’m dazed. I’m not sure if it’s right to film today. I feel like I might completely ruin the broadcast but I will work hard.”

He further explained why he chose to return through “Weekly Idol” and said, “I picked it because I think it’s a program that has less psychological burden and I could do it well. I’m nervous. I couldn’t sleep well last night.”

Jung Hyung Don also apologized to fans for leaving “Infinite Challenge” and stated, “[Fans] looked forward to [me returning], so I’m sorry. Because I am inadequate… I wil show support too. Thank you and sorry.”

After being asked whether or not he keeps in touch with Yoo Jae Suk, Jung Hyung Don replied, “I didn’t contact him separately but I see him often.”

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