EXID’s Hani Teases INFINITE’s Sunggyu About Missing Jung Hyung Don On “Weekly Idol”

INFINITE is making their first broadcast comeback appearance on MBC Every1’s “Weekly Idol” today, September 21.

Defconn, commenting on Kim Heechul’s new hair, says, “Ironically, you changed your hair when there’s a boy group on the show.” Kim Heechul responds that he got his hair done for the first time in a while for Apink, who will also be on the show.

The MCs then ask INFINITE how they’ve been, at which they say they’ve just returned from a concert. Hani says to Sunggyu, “I heard that during the fifth anniversary special, you asked when Jung Hyung Don is coming back.” She jokes, “Are we not enough for you?”

When Kim Heechul asks what Sunggyu will do if the current MCs leave and Jung Hyung Don really comes back, the INFINITE leader says, “Then I won’t watch.”

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