Jessica Responds To Fans Asking Her To Use English On Instagram

Singer and entrepreneur Jessica has responded to a fan asking her to write in English on social media.

On September 20, Jessica posted a photo of herself at a restaurant to her Instagram with the caption in English “Join me” with a smiling emoji.

Happy to see her update her social media, fans eagerly commented on the photo and complimented her on how beautiful she looks.

Jessica thanked them for the praise and wrote in Korean in the comments, “Doing my hair was too bothersome so I just dried it and went out, but thank you for liking it.”

jessica 2

Seeing this, overseas fans who do not understand Korean left comments saying, “English please.”

jessica 3

Jessica then responded in Korean, “Learn Korean,” together with a cheeky emoji.

Some international fans were disappointed and left comments such as, “Korean is difficult, how could you respond like that?” while others enthusiastically expressed their desire to take Jessica’s advice and learn the language.

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