Watch: Sunggyu Takes All The Penalties For INFINITE During Random Play Dance On “Weekly Idol”

After INFINITE came in second place in the list of “Weekly Idol”‘s best random play dances ever last week, the hit group takes on the challenge again in this week’s episode!

One of the reasons why so many viewers voted for INFINITE as one of the best random play dance groups were the hilarious scenes in the past where Sunggyu was identified as the group’s choreography “black hole.”

So in September 21’s episode, co-host Kim Heechul starts out their random play dance corner by asking the guys to pick between two penalties for when they make a mistake. The first is being hit by the other members with a toy hammer, but they quickly veto that because it’s painful. The second option is spreading Sunggyu’s legs as far apart as they can go, and the guys seem on board with that.

“Wait a minute,” says Sunggyu. “Even if I’m not the one who made the mistake, I have to do the splits?” Everyone laughs and Woohyun says, “Because you’re the leader.” When they vote, everyone but Sunggyu raises their hand to make Sunggyu take the punishment no matter what.

However, when the hosts insist that it’s because he’s the leader, Sunggyu is easily swayed and agrees to do it with a confident grin.

The game then begins, and they start off with their new track “The Eye.” Dongwoo makes a mistake in the beginning, and then makes an error in the next song “Destiny” as well. Although the hosts let it slide the first two times, Dongwoo’s third error makes them stop everything.

infinite weekly idol 3

Sunggyu looks annoyed as the hosts pull him into the center to take the punishment for Dongwoo, but Defconn points out to him, “You made a mistake too.” Sunggyu tries to play it off at first but then grins and “Weekly Idol” reveals that he’d just tripped over Hoya during the dance. The guys then team up to “help” him do the splits as a punishment!infinite weekly idol 2

Once they resume, it doesn’t take long before Sungyeol’s mistakes lead Sunggyu to be the victim of a group tickling attack. When Kim Heechul pretends to read out their “options” for the next penalty, which are all Sunggyu being smacked on the back repeatedly, Sunggyu protests.

infinite sunggyu 2

“But when the viewers see that I’m the only one who’s being punished…” he starts to say, but Defconn interrupts him, “It’ll be really fun for them!”

Kim Heechul insists that all the fans will be impressed with his leadership and teamwork. “What if I get punished and then the person who made the mistake also gets punished?” suggests Sunggyu.

“But why would we punish the person who made the mistake?” trolls Defconn, making Sunggyu crack up. “You’ve become really funny,” he says, pointing at Defconn and then giving him a thumbs up.

infinite sunggyu 3

Watch their whole random play dance in the video below!