INFINITE’s Woohyun Reveals The Movie He Was Filming Has Fallen Through

On September 21’s episode of “Weekly Idol,” INFINITE member Woohyun shares the sad news that the film he had been working on fell through.

When talking about what the members have been up to, Woohyun says, “I put out a solo album recently, and filmed a movie for a bit…” He then hesitates and Kim Heechul asks him jokingly, “Was it scrapped?”

Woohyun laughs in surprise, and Sunggyu jumps in to break it to Kim Heechul with a laugh, “It really was scrapped.”

hani heechul sunggyu woohyun

Kim Heechul is shocked, and he gives Woohyun a big hug as he apologizes. Defconn then asks Woohyun how he got through that rough time, and Woohyun says he was able to because he was working on his album at the time.

“It’s a relief that your album was such a hit,” says Kim Heechul sincerely.

It appears that the film he is referring to was an adaptation of the webtoon “Mongdang Branch School Olympics,” which was set to be Woohyun’s big screen debut.

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