12 K-Drama Adulting Moments That Are Me AF

For those of us who suck at growing up. Which is maybe all of us.

1. When my mom asks me what I’m doing with my life and I contemplate.

(from “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo“)

2. Adulthood in a nutshell.

(from “Uncontrollably Fond“)

3. Facing my fears like a grown-up.

(from “Madame Antoine“)

4. Handling life’s problems like a champ.

(from “She Was Pretty“)

5. When I invite people over for dinner and try to act like an adult.

(from “Goodbye Mr. Black“)

6. My life in two stills.

(from “Reply 1988“)

7. When the misery of adulthood loves company.

(from “Reply 1988“)

8. When I get to move out of my parents’ house and be a grown-up.

(from “Hi! School: Love On“)

9. The scariest part of being an adult.

(from “Incomplete Life“)

10. And the best part of being an adult.

(from “Flower Boy Next Door“)

11. When people ask me what I do for a living.

(from “Seonam Girls’ High School Detectives“)

12. Every time I go out, my thoughts be like…

(from “Age of Youth“)

Hey Soompiers! Which of these K-drama moments do you relate to? Let me know in the comments below!

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