Seohyun Reveals How Girls’ Generation Talks About Their Future On @star1

Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun recently sat down with @star1 Magazine for a photoshoot as well an interview, where she shared Girls’ Generation’s secret as the group approaches their 10-year anniversary.

Seohyun revealed the group’s unchanging friendship, saying, “We treat each other like family rather than coworkers. We talk a lot about the future. We always say that we’ll meet again with our children in 20 years, and I really hope it will happen like that in the future.”

Girls' Generation Seohyun

Seohyun also talked about the differences of living life as a celebrity, saying, “I’ve adapted to it. I’m actually thankful. I think it’d be more humiliating if they didn’t recognize me. But when they don’t recognize me, I can walk around comfortably so that’s a good aspect.”

When asked about being in the news for her airplane fashion, Seohyun honestly replied, “It makes me incredibly nervous. That’s why I almost always wear sunglasses. While it’s also to look cool, I mostly wear it for covering purposes.”

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