“Infinite Challenge” Celebrates Its 500th Episode With Epic Cake

MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” PD Kim Tae Ho recently uploaded a video in honor of the show’s 500th episode.

On his official Instagram (teoinmbc), the PD posted a video with the caption, “Congratulations! Infinite Challenge 500th episode! I sincerely thank you. We’ve come this far thanks to all of you!”

Along with the video, the PD also mentioned each member of the “Infinite Challenge” team through a series of hashtags, expressing his thanks.

In the video, the members of “Infinite Challenge” are celebrating their 500th episode with a festive cake filled with “Infinite Challenge” decorations. However, after blowing out the candles together, the members cannot help but complain of Park Myung Soo’s smelly breath.

“Infinite Challenge” will be airing its 500th episode on October 1.

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