BTS Gets Real About Their Debut, Success, And Worries

BTS recently had an interview with Star News to talk about some memorable moments, their thoughts on their success, and more.

After being asked about their debut, the members shared their past memories.

Rap Monster: “Our debut? I only remember feeling that there wasn’t anything I could do. Because there were so many things I didn’t know. My only job was to just do my best.”

Suga: “Honestly, there were also feelings of being scared. Not just us but all rookies would have felt the same way.”

The members also talked about their thoughts on being associated with “walking down a royal road” considering their success.

Rap Monster: “There are people who are saying this these days, but there were a lot of things that happened before we got to this place. Personally, I remember our first concert at the Gymnastics Stadium in May and our first music show stage for our first studio album title track ‘Danger.'”

Suga: “To be called walking down a royal road, it’s not like we didn’t have hardships. Every moment is memorable to me.”

J-Hope: “I still cannot forget our debut stage. I think people are saying we are walking down a royal road because we had a start.”

Jimin: “There were a lot of different events. We learned and became thankful through a lot of experiences and we also learned how to be happy. That’s why I always find the present to be precious. I want to become a team that is able to say any time in the future that this moment is the most happiest.”

BTS then gets asked to pick their top three hit songs. Seven different songs were mentioned but “I NEED U,” “DOPE,” and “FIRE” received the most votes.

The interviewer then asked each member what their current worries are.

Rap Monster: “My current worry is the music I will put into my next mixtape.”

Jin: “I think about whether or not I will be able to perform the choreography we are doing now and if I will be able perform a concert when I am in my 30s and 40s.”

Suga: “My biggest worry is that we have to keep making good music and I want to do well but I wonder if I will be able to.”

J-Hope: “I am curious about how long this happiness and people’s love for us will continue.”

V: “I want to be a filial son to my parents as soon as possible.”

Jimin: “What to do to make BTS a cool team. What to do to make everyone happy. What to do for fans to be able to listen to good songs. These are my worries.”

Jungkook: “These days I’m worried how how I should live so that others would say I lived well.”

Moving on from their worries, the group revealed that their goal for 2017 is to win a “daesang award and become a global singer.”

In conclusion, the interviewer asked BTS to imagine themselves 12 years after their debut. They responded, “We still have eight years left. We want to always be boys!”

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