BTS Celebrates 3 Million Followers On V App, Throws Jungkook Under The Bus For 10 Million Milestone Promise

BTS is now the first group on Naver’s V app to reach three million followers, and to celebrate they hosted a live show on September 22!

During the show, the guys chat with fans while eating dinner together. They clap along as J-Hope sings a congratulatory song and then thank fans for showing them so much love. Jungkook asks if they’re not going to do a performance to celebrate three million followers, and J-Hope nominates V.

Jungkook points out that V looks like Hyun Bin in his tracksuit from “Secret Garden,” so V starts doing sit ups in his chair like Hyun Bin in the drama’s famous scene. V suggests that the other guys do aegyo, although he says Rap Monster should sing and J-Hope should just “sit there looking cool.”

bts v 3 million 3

The guys then get excited as they try to come up with an event that they can promise to do for when they hit 10 million followers. “Let’s not wear clothes for five days!” suggests Jimin. Jungkook takes it even farther by saying, “Let’s take off our clothes and dance in Garosu-gil for a week,” but his hyungs quickly veto that, with Rap Monster pointing out that that would be illegal. “ARMY would be so sad if we got arrested,” jokes Jin.

J-Hope then looks at Jungkook and suggests making a new song to celebrate. “One that you’ve written and composed yourself!” says Jin to Jungkook. Jungkook tries to protest with a laugh, but Rap Monster turns to the camera and says excitedly, “Everyone, if we reach 10 million followers, Jungkook is going to write, compose, edit, and do everything involved to make a completely new song!”

bts v 3 million 2

After they applaud this idea, Jin jokes, “ARMY’s going to start making seven or eight accounts each at this rate.”

Watch the full show here!

bts v 3 million

Meanwhile, BTS is currently gearing up to make a comeback with their second full album “WINGS” soon.

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