Kim Hyun Joong Ruled Not Guilty Of False Accusations Against Ex-Girlfriend

September 22, Kim Hyun Joong was ruled not guilty in the case against him by his ex-girlfriend (hereafter referred to as “A”) for defamation and false accusations.

Previously, in July of last year, Kim Hyun Joong sued A for blackmail, fraud, false accusations, and defamation, at which time A countersued for defamation.

Lee Jae Man, Kim Hyun Joong’s lawyer from Law Firm Cheong Pa, said to Star News on September 23, “This case is a new milestone that will be a warning to those who defame and falsely accuse innocent celebrities. This is the first case where a celebrity in military service has been ruled innocent of defamation.”

Lee Jae Man said that a decision must be made regarding A’s alleged defamation of Kim Hyun Joong, but that the military police are unable to investigate A, as she is a civilian. “I will be discussing how we will take legal measures about this with Kim Hyun Joong. I will work to the end to reveal the truth.”

Earlier in August, Kim Hyun Joong was ruled not guilty of causing miscarriage — of an alleged second pregnancy — by assault and coercion of abortion. Kim Hyun Joong, who enlisted in May of last year, will be discharged in February 2017.

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