Even Kangta Can’t Get Tickets To EXO Concerts?

During a recent interview, Kangta opens up about being 20 years into his debut and how he’s managed to stay at the same agency, SM Entertainment, all through those years.

“There’s something I told my parents since I was a minor, to not directly contact the agency about anything,” Kangta reveals. “When it would come time for contract renewal, my dad would offer to get involved, but every time I made sure he didn’t.”

“I would tell them, ‘I’ll do it, so please don’t worry.’ From my parents’ point of view, they felt it was a given that they should be involved because it’s a financial matter, but I didn’t like that,” Kangta says, but he emphasizes that he hasn’t blocked them out of every area of his life.

“I blocked only business-related communications between my parents and the agency. In other areas, I don’t care. For things like requests for tickets to see my hoobaes’ concerts, they skip [asking] me and call the agency directly,” Kangta explains.

“Once, my older sister requested EXO tickets, but those even I couldn’t get,” the singer reveals, laughing, “I told her, ‘In the future too, don’t ask me for EXO tickets. I’ll just see [if I can get them].'”

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