Yook Ji Dam Talks About Negative Comments Regarding Her Being Motherless

During the September 23 episode of Mnet’s “Unpretty Rapstar 3,” Yook Ji Dam candidly addresses the various types of comments people leave about her online.

She says, “There’s more people who insult and criticize me as opposed to those who like me. So, today I want to address those people and pat them on the shoulder.”

Before her actual performance, the rapper had a chance to sit down with her father and just talk with someone about how all the negative commentary she sees and hears actually affects her more than she lets on.

Yuk Ji Dam 2

Having lost her mother at a young age, Yook Ji Dam was single-handedly raised by her father.

She confesses, “It’s sad to see comments that say, ‘Of course a kid without a mother would be like this.’ I’ve grown up on my own since I was young and [the empty space left behind by my mom] was huge. So, when I see comments like this, everything floods back to me. I’m really sad.”

This episode also featured the results of Yook Ji Dam and Giant Pink’s semi-final match.

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