Dynamic Duo Only Has Praises For Ra Mi Ran And Her Rap Skills

Already highly regarded by SM Entertainment for her vocal talents, Ra Mi Ran is lauded once more, this time for her rapping talents.

The September 23 episode of KBS2’s “Sister’s Slam Dunk” took a look at professional volleyball player Kim Yeon Koung achieving her past dream of becoming a rapper.

During the episode, everyone is practicing hard in preparation to perform a rendition of Dynamic Duo’s “Friday Night.” Since the cast members will be featuring in their performance, Dynamic Duo themselves makes an appearance and helps them out. They ask each member to rap for them one by one so they can see their respective skills.

Ra Mi Ran

The second-in-line, Ra Mi Ran demonstrates skills that exceed those of an amateur, surprising Dynamic Duo.

Later during the interview, the rappers can’t stop praising the actress, and say, “She was unrivaled. Whether it be singing or rapping, even if she was pitted against professionals in a contest, we think she would place in the top five at the very least.”

Watch Ra Mi Ran and the rest of the “Sister’s Slam Dunk” cast rap their hearts out in the episode below!

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