Lee Seo Jin And Eric Divide Up Their Tasks (Not Really) On “Three Meals A Day”

With the new season of “Three Meals a Day – Fishing Village Edition” coming up soon, producing director (PD) Na Young Suk sat down for an interview to talk about the new cast and how they approached the new season.

Lee Seo Jin, Shinhwa’s Eric, and Yoon Kyun Sang have all been confirmed to appear in the new season. Lee Seo Jin was a favorite from a past season but this was Eric’s first time as an official member of a variety show without his group members.

“Eric hasn’t done variety by himself before,” Na Young Suk said. “He was shy at first. But we cast him because he is well-known for enjoying fishing regularly. He was happy once he knew Lee Seo Jin was appearing, because they had been friendly in the past.” (Eric and Lee Seo Jin appeared together in the drama “Phoenix” twelve years ago.)

The interviewer asked if viewers could expect to see the combination of Lee Seo Jin’s cooking and Eric’s fishing skills. “No,” Na Young Suk said. “Eric does all of it. Even if you told Lee Seo Jin to do it, what would he do? Eric has lived alone a long time so he’s pretty good at making food. Probably you’ll see Eric doing all the fishing and cooking from now on.”

He added, “Lee Seo Jin drives the boat.”

The first episode of the Fishing Village edition will air on October 14.

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