Kim Min Jae Says Goodbye On “Music Core”

The September 24th episode of MBC’s “Music Core” marked Kim Min Jae’s last day as a MC on the show.

After the final performance, Kim Sae Ron and Kim Min Jae announced his departure and Kim Min Jae officially said goodbye.

He said, “It seems like I just started being a MC a couple of days ago but it’s regretful that it’s already my last broadcast. It doesn’t feel real yet. I was happy spending every week with ‘Music Core.'” Then he thanked Kim Sae Ron, all of the writers, producers, and staff members who work on “Music Core” as well as viewers and his fans. The actor concluded, “I will greet you with a good project and better image soon.”

Kim Sae Ron Kim Min jae

Kim Sae Ron shed tears after saying goodbye to viewers with her friend Red Velvet’s Yeri and Kim Min Jae consoling her.

Kim Min Jae will focus on his acting career and appear in an upcoming romance medical drama.

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