Watch: Cao Lu And Jo Se Ho Say A Sad Farewell On Final Date On “We Got Married”

Virtual couple Cao Lu of Fiestar and comedian Jo Se Ho express how grateful they are to each other on their final episode of “We Got Married.”

The couple has been on the show for seven months, and September 24’s episode follows the pair on their last date together. When they receive the mission card that states that it’s their final time together, they both look at each other sadly. Jo Se Ho explains in his private interview that he tried hard not to show how he was feeling in case it made Cao Lu feel worse.

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Cao Lu says tearfully in her own interview that Jo Se Ho seems really cheerful and energetic, but she knows that he finds it hard to open his heart to someone else. “I think now we’ve become closer, so this is a shame,” she comments about their farewell.

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She says to Jo Se Ho, “Although it’s been seven months, because it was such a happy time, I think time passed by quickly.”

The pair reminisce about their favorite times together while on their final date, with Cao Lu picking their date at the theater and Jo Se Ho picking their wedding. After their date, they promise to meet each other again for dinner, and then take a photo together in the same place and pose as they took their wedding photos.

Jo Se Ho says in a video message to Cao Lu, “I’m so grateful that you did this with me. If you had a hard time because of me, I’m sorry for that. It was an even happier marriage for me because it was with you.”

Cao Lu tears up as she says, “Although it was a virtual marriage, he was still my husband. He tried really hard to take good care of me, so I’m really grateful and I’m going to miss him a lot.”

Watch the couple’s final date below!

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