What Did Ga In Request From Her Agency When She First Debuted?

Brown Eyed Girls member Ga In reveals a request that she made of her agency, and how thankful she is that she did not get it!

On a recent episode of the JTBC variety show “Ask Us Anything,” Ga In appears as a guest and opens up about her early days in the music industry.

She gives clues for the members to guess what she’s about to reveal, saying, “It’s the first thing I requested from my agency,” and adds as a hint, “If my agency had acquiesced to it, I might not have been as popular as I am now.” The answer is revealed to be double eyelid surgery.

Ga In shares, “After I debuted, all of the other singers had long hair and double eyelids, and they looked so pretty. So I asked my agency to let me get surgery for it but I think its a relief that I didn’t.”

The members compliment her eyes, saying, “Honestly, your eyes hold a characteristic of Asian beauty, and they are what made you popular.”


She continues, “Later, I was thankful that many people would ask me how I do my eye make up.” She then shares some of her secrets with the members, revealing her makeup tricks to make their eyes look bigger.

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