“SNL Korea” Provides Solution To Prevent Celebrity Scandals With Hilarious Made Up App

On a recent episode of “SNL Korea,” the cast members touch upon the recent celebrity social media scandals through a skit titled “Fanstagram.” The skit is set up as a commercial, where two celebrities in a secret relationship upload their photos onto their personal account, which ends up getting hacked.

In order to prevent this, they suggest “Fanstagram,” a filter for celebrities to protect them from their scandals, dark histories, and more. The skit comically shows how celebrities can hide their personal histories or start with a new image through a series of hilarious photo adjustments.

“Fanstagram” hints at the recent social media cases regarding G-Dragon, Sulli, as well as Zico and Seolhyun. While the images parody the photos of the celebrities, the skit ends with a clear message, “Don’t forget, hacking is a crime!”

Watch the skit below:

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