Model-Turned-Entertainer’s Prostitution Case Heads To Prosecution

A famous female broadcaster/entertainer known hereafter as “A” was previously announced to be under investigation for charges of prostitution.

The Criminal Investigation Department at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency recently handed A’s case over to the prosecutors. A is reported to have had sexual relations with a man named “B” in exchange for 10 million won (approximately $9000).

B is said to be a wealthy stock investor and one of the customers in the previous celebrity prostitution scandal this past May. He also engaged in prostitution with “C,” a woman referred to as a “sexy singer,” and was fined for his actions.

While the police were investigating “C”s case, “A” came to their attention. B admitted to being introduced to A via a broker and engaging in sexual relations. A has admitted that she met B, but denied the charges.

The police have determined that B’s statement appears to have more credibility after investigating the statements of the broker as well and the case will likely head to court.

A is said to be a model-turned-entertainer with a “sexy image” who has made her name in various variety programs and dramas.

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