Yoon Kyun Sang Poses With Eric And Lee Seo Jin On “Three Meals A Day” Set

Actor Yoon Kyun Sang has revealed a shot from the set of the upcoming season of tvN’s “Three Meals a Day.”

The actor posted a photo with his fellow cast members on his Instagram on September 25. In the image, the cast maknae winks and smiles at the camera as he stands between Eric and Lee Seo Jin.

The three look cheerful and relaxed as they pose together, with Eric resting his head and hands on Yoon Kyun Sang’s shoulder.

On the caption, Yoon Kyung Sang says, “One cut with my hyungs! They’re coming on October 14. Da-dun!”

Meanwhile, the new fishing village season of “Three Meals a Day” is set on an island in the South Jeolla Province and premieres on October 14.

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