“Infinite Challenge” Members Predict Who Will Win The 2016 Entertainment Grand Prize

The “Infinite Challenge” members speculate who will be 2016’s awardee of the prestigious Daesang (Grand Prize) for entertainment.

On the September 25 episode of MBC’s “Section TV,” the “Infinite Challenge” cast are featured as they film their 500th episode special.

Haha asks Jung Joon Ha, “Do you think you’ll win the Entertainment Daesang?” and Yang Se Hyung teases, “I’m 100% sure. Congratulations!”

yang se hyung jung joon ha haha yoo jae suk park myung soo yoo ah in

Haha adds, “What’s more sure is that he’s expecting it right now.”

They hold a mock awards ceremony and present the award to Jung Joon Ha. Holding a coffee machine as the pretend trophy, he performs his impression of Yoo Ah In‘s famous line, “This is nonsense,” from the film “Veteran.”

Yoo Jae Suk then states, “We hope you watch for Jung Joon Ha to see if he will indeed win the Daesang.”

The 2016 MBC Entertainment Awards is expected to air near the end of December.

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