Watch: Song Ji Hyo Goes Up Against Reigning Champ Crush In Spacing Out Competition On “Running Man”

On September 25’s episode of “Running Man,” Song Ji Hyo has to challenge the reigning champ of spacing out, singer Crush!

Crush entered a public competition this spring which aimed to determine who is the best at spacing out. With the winner determined through a combination of judges’ votes and heart rate assessments, Crush was the competitor who grabbed first place.

“Running Man” cast member Song Ji Hyo is also known among the cast and fans for her blank expressions that make it seem as though she’s spacing out. On this week’s episode of the show, Song Ji Hyo is given the individual mission of competing against Crush to see who’s the best at spacing out.

Song Ji Hyo goes to meet Crush at his studio, and cracks up when she finds his trophy from the spacing out competition.

crush song ji hyo

When Song Ji Hyo expresses her doubt that she could ever beat the reigning champion, Crush says, “When I watched your show, I thought that you were the kind of person who should try competing against me.”

Song Ji Hyo laughs and denies that that’s true, but says that since the weather’s so nice, they should give it a shot.

crush song ji hyo 2

The pair then sit outside and compete to see who can keep their heart rate the most level over an hour as others try to disrupt them by doing things like showing them less-than-flattering photos from the past.

song ji hyo crush 3

During the competition, Gary arrives to try to get Song Ji Hyo to record herself yelling “Run!” for a song he has to complete with all the members’ voices for his own mission. Song Ji Hyo doesn’t want to ruin her chill state, so at first she tries to just make a noise instead of talking. But when Gary plays it back and shows her how she just sounds like a dolphin, she gives in and calmly says “Run” into his phone.

gary song ji hyo

Gary then goes over to his friend Crush, and tells him to say whatever he wants to into the phone. “Go,” says Crush, which cracks Gary up.

Watch their battle below!

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In the end, Crush ends up winning the competition once again. Meanwhile, Yoo Jae Suk has come by and stolen one of Song Ji Hyo’s shoes for his own mission, so Crush helps her hobble off the grass to the next destination by walking with one foot on his shoe.

song ji hyo crush 4

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