Previous Radio Interview With Bada Hints At Relationship?

Following the news that singer Bada was in a relationship with a man nine years her junior, a previous interview has been brought to attention that seem to hint that she was in a relationship.

In June, Bada guested on MBC FM4U’s “Two P.M. Date With Park Kyung Lim” and said, “I am working hard to get married.”

She revealed, “I can’t contribute to the conversations between S.E.S members Shoo and Eugene when they talk about being a mother.” MC Park Kyung Lim agreed, saying, “That’s true. You can’t do anything about that.”

Bada continued, “Between the three members of S.E.S, two have become mothers. When we’re together, we can’t talk that well. We meet periodically. We didn’t do that in the past. We get together and since Shoo and Eugene have kids, I feel left out. We’ll be talking amongst ourselves and suddenly it feels like I’m sitting in between two moms chatting at a cultural center.”

Park Kyung Lim then suggested, “Why don’t you say a word to Shoo and Eugene?” to which Bada replied, “I will try hard to have a baby too. I am working hard to get married.”

On September 25, her agency acknowledged that she was in a relationship with an ordinary citizen who is nine years her junior.

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