Kim Heechul Shoots Down Controversy About Rude Behavior On “Ask Us Anything”

After controversy about Kim Heechul’s behavior, where he allegedly snapped and cussed at Min Kyung Hoon on the September 24 broadcast of JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything,” Kim Heechul took to his Instagram to explain what happened.

He said, “I was wondering what all the fuss was about on Instagram, and it turns out it is because of an expression I made on ‘Ask Us Anything.'”

I’m currently abroad, and haven’t been able to watch the show, so this may seem incoherent. I don’t know what it looked like on TV, but while we were filming, there were no problems. As usual, we goofed around with each other,” said Kim Heechul. He explained that in their time off, the atmosphere among the cast members was great, and that even the staff had no idea why there was an issue.

Continuing, Kim Heechul said, “I apologize, as everyone can take my expressions in a different way, but I did really want to report all the bulls**t rumors that were going around saying that I dropped my face and said f**k.” Mentioning a past incident with a fan, in which he allegedly cursed at a fan across a fence, he said, “Ever since that fence incident from years ago, I can’t stand rumors like this. We strive for that kind of chemistry on ‘Ask Me Anything,’ so even if we may seem cold to each other on TV, off screen, we’re just like brothers, cursing at each other, drinking together, eating together.”

Min Kyung Hoon, the alleged target of Kim Heechul’s wrath, stepped forward and said it’s all a misunderstanding and that nothing happened. The “Ask Us Anything” PD also explained that the cast was just doing a skit, and that he has thought about releasing the unedited full version of the video to clear up the rumors.


Here is the clip, posted by JTBC’s “Ask Us Anything” Instagram.

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