Haha Reveals There’s Someone In “Running Man” He’s Become Awkward With

On the September 26 broadcast of Ji Suk Jin’s MBC radio show, Ji Suk Jin’s fellow “Running Man” member Haha made a guest appearance.

Ji Suk Jin first asked Haha about his latest song with Skull, “Love Inside,” which made a comeback and rose all the way to no. 3 on Jamaican music charts. Haha said with a laugh, “The response was really good in Jamaica, the home of reggae, but there was nothing in Korea.” Ji Suk Jin commented that he should go perform in Jamaica, but Haha said that Skull should be the one to go.

Ji Suk Jin and Haha then played a quick game, where they would have to answer either “there is” or “there isn’t” to a statement. The statement: “There’s someone I’m awkward with in ‘Running Man.'” Ji Suk Jin said there isn’t, while Haha, answered that there is. Ji Suk Jin, surprised, said he couldn’t imagine who it could be. Haha explained, “There is someone with whom it feels like it’s become awkward. I’ll tell you later.”

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Watch the latest episode of “Running Man”:

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/1096442v-running-man-running-man-tv-episode-318

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