Apink Hopes To Become Known More As A Mature Group

On September 26, Apink held a showcase in order to promote their newest album “Pink Revolution.” During the showcase, the members shared their thoughts and feelings about being able to return to the stage and greet their fans with new music!

“We couldn’t see the fans for a long time. I hope we have more opportunities to see our fans. There are probably people who still don’t know who we are,” commented member Hayoung.

Eunji revealed her ambition for the comeback, saying, “I want people to acknowledge us and say things like ‘Apink can do this kind of concept well. They’ve become a more matured group,’ when they talk about us.”

Apink’s title song “Only One” is the group’s first hip-hop style track with an R&B feel, and was written by Black Eyed Pilseung, who worked with the girls for the first time.

Watch the music video below!

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