Apink Explains That They Never Actively Avoided Sexy Concepts

During the showcase for their brand new album “Pink Revolution,” girl group Apink talks about being known for their “innocent” concepts.

When asked about how they have stuck with innocent concepts since their debut, Apink member Hayoung responds, “It wasn’t that we completely refused to do sexy [concepts], so much as the fact that we preferred songs that matched our members better. And as a result, we ended up giving off that [innocent] vibe often.”

Hayoung continues, “Because the fans enjoy [our innocent concepts] and the members like that vibe too, we project that a lot and put in the effort.”

“It’s not that we decided on that concept at the start of our debut, we just felt [the innocent concept] was most appropriate given our age,” member Chorong adds.

What are your thoughts on their comments? Would you like to see Apink try out a sexy concept?

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