Jung Joon Young Submits Phone To Prosecution For Investigation

Jung Joon Young has submitted his phone to the prosecution in the sexual assault case surrounding a video he filmed during a sexual act with his then-girlfriend.

His agency C9 Entertainment stated on September 27, “The prosecution requested that he voluntarily submit his phone, and so this morning he submitted it to the Eastern District Prosecutors’ Office.”

According to his agency, Jung Joon Young voluntarily submitted the phone in order to prove that the statements he made at his recent press conference are the truth. Jung Joon Young said at his press conference that the video was taken for fun with consent from both sides, and was immediately deleted afterwards.

His agency also stated that Jung Joon Young will be sincerely complying with any further requests made by the prosecution.

It is reported that the reason the phone was not asked for before this time was that Jung Joon Young acknowledged during the investigation that he had filmed the video, and also his ex-girlfriend has withdrawn the charges she made against him. The police had therefore decided that there was no need to receive the phone.

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