SHINee Shares Teaser Images For Comeback And First Listen To A New Track

SHINee’s Onew is the first member up to introduce a track from their upcoming album via a faux radio show segment!

On September 28 at midnight KST, the group shared via Instagram the first episode of their promotional radio show “SHINee’s Pick!” in which they introduce songs from their new album. Onew is the first member up for the show, and he tells fans about their new song “Don’t Let Me Go” as the track plays in the background. The Korean title is “Transparent Umbrella,” so radio DJ Onew talks about how it feels to watch the rain through a transparent umbrella.

Take a listen below!

SHINee has also shared two new teaser images, including one of Taemin that was uploaded in parts on Instagram.

shinee 1 taemin

SHINee’s fifth full album “1 of 1” will be released on October 5! Are you excited?