Watch: YoonA Can’t Even Look As Ji Chang Wook Busts Out His Dance Moves

On the September 27 episode of tvN talk show “Taxi,” Ji Chang Wook and Girls’ Generation’s YoonA appear as guests.

During the “Live Talk,” corner, one of the viewers ask Ji Chang Wook to do his “Ji Geu Duk” dance.

YoonA asks Ji Chang Wook what “Ji Geu Duk” is, and Ji Chang Wook hesitates. The MCs ask him to give them a sample, and Ji Chang Wook reluctantly pulls out his stiffest dance moves as Fifth Harmony’s “Worth It” plays in the background, making the entire studio burst out in laughter.

YoonA can’t even look as she covers her eyes with her hands for most of it.

Meanwhile, Ji Chang Wook and YoonA are headlining brand new tvN action drama “The K2,” which aired its premiere episode on September 23.

Did you enjoy Ji Chang Wook’s “Ji Geu Duk” dance?