INFINITE’s Hoya Explains Why He Enjoys Drinking Solo These Days

On the September 27 broadcast of SBS Power FM radio show “Kim Chang Ryul’s Old School,” INFINITE member Hoya opens up about his drinking habits.

“I recently stopped drinking,” Hoya says. “I’m not saying I stopped cold turkey, but I limit how often I drink until I get drunk.”

He continues, “Recently, for the first time in my 26-year life, I drank solo. A few weeks ago, I drank one can of beer by myself, and yesterday, I tried it for the second time. There was something romantic about it. It was sentimental.”

“I was originally concerned with taking care of my health, but these days, I seek romance,” Hoya explains.

Sunggyu adds, “Like Hoya, I’ve also been enjoying drinking beer myself and things like that these days. In the past, I would go out a lot, but these days, that’s not the case.”


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