Which GOT7 Member Has The Best Abs?

On the September 27 broadcast of SBS Power FM radio show “Choi Hwa Jung’s Power Time,” GOT7 appears as guests.

During the show, DJ Choi Hwa Jung asks, “Which member has the best abs?” to which Jinyoung says there are two contenders for that title.

“None other than JB and Jackson fight daily because of their abs,” Jinyoung reveals.

Jackson says humorously, “I don’t want to fight; you can just have my abs.”

“Just show us a little bit, so we can vote,” DJ Choi Hwa Jung proposes, but JB says shyly, “I have been focusing more on working out my shoulders than my abs these days.”

The members agree, “[JB] really has killer shoulders; he can’t be beat.”

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When asked if he can show his abs, Jacksons responds, “If I’m going to show you my abs, I have to shave some of the hair on my stomach, but I’m not prepared.”

“But I think my biceps will be first place, so can I show my biceps?” Jackson asks. He then goes on to do some push ups first before flexing his biceps for fans.

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Which member(s) do you think have the best abs in GOT7?

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