Apink Tops 4 Asian iTunes Charts With New Album

As of September 27, Apink’s comeback album “Pink Revolution” took No. 1 on domestic album chart Hanteo and Shin Nara as well as four Asian iTunes charts.

On the same date, the album took No. 1 in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. It took No. 2 in Taiwan, No. 3 in Indonesia, and No. 8 in Japan.

Their title track “Only You” also rose to No. 1 on the “New Songs” and “Music Video” charts on Chinese music sites Kugou Music and Yinyuetai. Kugou ranks among the Top 3 music platforms in China, along with Kuwo and QQ.

Apink made their comeback on September 26. You can watch their music video here!

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